A team of Reformed ministers, officers, and church members has assembled with the aim of making Dr. Bahnsen’s audio lectures, courses, syllabi, and position papers available to the public free of charge.

They first contracted with Covenant Media Foundation to secure “a full and equal share” of rights and then solicited support from individual donors, academic institutions, and churches.

The need was $60,000 by year’s end and that goal was recently surpassed!

Fundrasing will continue for a season to fund Phase II of the project (see below).

Progress toward goal of



The mission of the Bahnsen Project is to reintroduce the next generation of Christian apologists to the works of Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen by procuring the rights to his work and promoting them world wide. This project will follow a three-phase process (see below).

Phase I

Secure “a full and equal share” of rights from Covenant Media Foundation.

Target date: Dec. 31, 2020


Phase II

Organize inventory, create digital database, and remaster audio as necessary.

Spring 2021

Phase III

World-wide distribution and promotion of materials via Sermonaudio, publishing, conferences, etc.

Summer 2021 and beyond

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Video endorsements

Watch endorsements from Dr. Bahnsen’s friends, partners in ministry, and others who have been impacted by his teaching.

Fundraising deadline

December 31, 2020








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