A team of Reformed ministers, officers, and church members has assembled with the aim of making Dr. Bahnsen’s audio lectures, courses, syllabi, and position papers available to the public free of charge.

We have a contract to secure “a full and equal share” of rights from Covenant Media Foundation and are soliciting support from individual donors, academic institutions, and churches as we seek to reacquaint the world with Dr. Bahnsen’s teaching ministry.

We need $60,000 by year’s end.

“Faith in the self-attesting Christ of Scripture is the beginning, not the end result of wisdom.”

– Dr. Bahnsen

The only mission of the Bahnsen Project is to make Dr. Bahnsen’s teaching materials freely avaiable to all who are intersted in learning. To this end, all donations received  will go directly toward the procurement, post-production, and distirbution of audio files, syllabi, etc.

The time is now

A new generation of Christian apologists are eagerly undertaking the defense of the faith and would benefit greatly by listening to their father in the faith. 


The materials are there

Dr. Bahnsen left the church a treasure trove of apologetic training materials which are true to scripture and which have been proven effective.


The goal is attainable

We need to raise $60,000 dollars by year’s end and that goal is not at all out of reach given the number of Reformed, Presbyterian, and Baptist churches and seminaries that will show interest in this project.


Progress toward 



What are people saying?

Video endorsements

Watch endorsements from Dr. Bahnsen’s friends, partners in ministry, and others who have been impacted by his teaching.

Fundraising deadline

December 31, 2020








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