The Bahnsen Project just received a portable hard drive from Covenant Media Foundation containing 1,675 audio files and tons of PDF files. We will start uploading them to Sermon Audio this week for one-click sharing.

After that is done, we will go through the files and remaster them in a systematic manner until every file reaches a level of audio quality worthy of “permanent internet archive” status. These remastering costs were reflected in our initial budget. This is our one chance to get it right for all posterity.

We thank all our donors and David Bahnsen for getting us to this stage well ahead of schedule.

Finally, we are now evaluating candidates with skills in audio engineering for the remastering project. Please submit resum├ęs via e-mail and consider making a donation to fund our effort to provide the world with high-quality, one-click access to Dr. Bahnsen’s teachings. We are 88% of the way there!