Bahnsen Project Updates

When the Lord himself establishes the work of our hands, we can always expect great things to happen. If you have encouraging news to share from your own promotion of the Bahnsen Project, please share it with us.

$60,000 goal reached and surpassed!

On December 9th, 2020 it was reported by our treasurer that donations totaled $68,543. Reaching this benchmark has brought a swift end to phase 1 of our project (procuring rights to audio files) and allowed us to begin searching in earnest for an audio engineer to begin the phase 2 remastering project. This will require continued fundraising for a season, so thank you for your ongoing support.

Graham Dugas on “Generations Radio”

The chairman of the Bahnsen Project, Graham Dugas, spoke with Kevin Swanson about the “Need for Worldview Equipping: Robust and Consistent Biblical Thinking” on the Generations Radio broadcast. Listen to the interview by clicking here >>

Volunteers Needed

In order to evaluate how many of Dr. Bahnsen’s recordings will need remastering, we are seeking volunteers to listen to files and fill out a short “audio condition” form. If you are interested, send an e-mail Eric by clicking here >>

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