Bahnsen Project Updates

When the Lord himself establishes the work of our hands, we can always expect great things to happen. If you have encouraging news to share from your own promotion of the Bahnsen Project, please share it with us.

Holding history in our hands

The Bahnsen Project just received a portable hard drive from Covenant Media Foundation containing 1,675 audio files and tons of PDF files. We will start uploading them to Sermon Audio this week for one-click sharing.

After that is done, we will go through the files and remaster them in a systematic manner until every file reaches a level of audio quality worthy of “permanent internet archive” status. These remastering costs were reflected in our initial budget. This is our one chance to get it right for all posterity.

We thank all our donors and David Bahnsen for getting us to this stage well ahead of schedule.

Finally, we are now evaluating candidates with skills in audio engineering for the remastering project. Please submit resumés via e-mail and consider making a donation to fund our effort to provide the world with high-quality, one-click access to Dr. Bahnsen’s teachings. We are 88% of the way there!

New Partner: Apologia Church

We are happy to announce that Apologia Church of Mesa, AZ will also share equal rights to Dr. Bahnsen’s materials. Their ministry largely reaches independent churches and our project will focus on institutional churches, academia, seminaries, and Reformed denominations. This is a perfect partnership with very little overlap in audience.

We have been exploring this partnership for three weeks behind the scenes after David Bahnsen made his generous offer. Now that the files are on their way, we can begin the technical work of cleaning up the files, noise reduction, sound leveling, editing [e.g. removing hymns singing or church announcements], and remastering them for the best quality that can be recovered and preserved in perpetuity.

Major Development: Phase One Complete

Phase one of the Bahnsen project has just been completed with help from David Bahnsen. He has made a consequential donation and we are very grateful that he has seen fit to assist our team as we steward his father’s works.

Over 1600 lectures will soon be arriving at our office. Some date back 45 years and will need to be remastered before entering the permanent internet archive. These technical costs are part of phase two and thanks to David’s donation, we can enter this phase much earlier than expected.

We view this provision as from the Lord. This is exciting news. We are much closer to the finish line much sooner than we ever would have imagined. Praise ye the Lord!

New Partner: Five Solas Church

We welcome Five Solas Church of Reedsburg, WI to our support team! They shared this word of encouragement, “Our congregation is excited to assist in this long needed effort to release Dr. Bahnsen’s materials into the public domain. We thank you for this opportunity for Gospel partnership and bid you all God speed!” 

Promotion on a Presbytery Level

One of our team members was able to promote our project on the floor of the Presbytery of the Midwest of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. One thousand bulletin inserts were distributed. Please pray that many congregations will consider receiving a special offering to help us complete phase one of our project.

New Partner: Bayview OPC

Bayview Orthodox Presbyterian Church has graciously offered to steward the funds which will be received for our project by mail. We offer our sincere thanks to the church, but especially to Mike Nelson for volunteering his time to handle the processing and accounting.

The Project Gets Official

At our second meeting via Zoom, the project began to take on a more formal organization with the drafting of a charter document and the election of board members: Graham Dugas (chairman), Christian McShaffrey (vice-chair), Eric Wagner (treasurer), and Peter Bringe (secretary). All who continue to attend regular meetings will be counted as advisors.

The Project Begins

After a few months of informal brainstorming the Bahnsen Project held its first meeting via Zoom to introduce the project’s vision and explore possibilities for moving forward. Over twenty men were in attendance, representing at least four denominations.

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